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Human Resources
Human Resources
The Human Resources policy of Karadeniz Teknik Test Merkezi is based on the following principles to sustain the company's vision and mission:
Attracting competent individuals and potentials to our organization.
Operating on the principle of 'the right person for the right job.'
Creating a fair, transparent, participatory, value-adding, and supportive work and family environment.
Providing employees with the opportunity to demonstrate their potentials and protecting and improving all employment rights.
Creating a workforce that reflects the spirit of belonging to KTTM, is high-performing, and focused on development.
If you also want to join this family, please fill out the Job Application Form, attach your resume, and send it to us via email. Job applications are accepted every day of the year. All applications will be filed by our staff and evaluated as needed. Please ensure that your information is up-to-date and accurate.
Job Openings
You can access updated information about new positions opened in line with the growth and expansion of our company. If you want to be part of a dynamic wor environment, develop your career, and become a member of the Karadeniz Teknik Test Merkezi family, you can apply for the announcements by regularly following this section Your applications will be carefully evaluated, and you will be contacted for suitabl positions. Follow the steps to submit your job applications.
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Internship Application
Karadeniz Teknik Test Merkezi provides internship opportunities for students studying in relevant departments/programs of universities to develop knowledge and skills related to the field and contribute to providing qualified workforce to the industry. Our company aims to contribute to the vocational training of dozens of young people and the skilled workforce of our country in this way.
For Internship Candidates
  • Application and Evaluation
  • Required Documents
  • Facilities Provided to Interns
  • Only students enrolled in the Chemistry Departments (Bachelor's) of 4-year universities, 2-year programs related to our fields of activity, such as Chemistry and Chemical Processing Technologies, and Office Services and Secretarial Departments, can apply for internships.
  • Internships at our company will only be conducted during the summer periods between July 1 and August 31.
  • Applications will be accepted for each internship period between February 1 and March 31 of that year.
  • Applications will be evaluated for each internship period between April 1 and April 10.
  • Evaluation results will be communicated to all applicants via email between April 11 and April 15.
  • The department indicated in the internship application form for internship in our company must be compatible with the student's department/program of study.
  • Each student is granted only one internship opportunity in our company.
  • Applicants for internships must be registered university students. Applications from graduated students applying for personal development purposes will not be accepted.
  • Interns accepted for the internship must attend the internship program without interruption on the specified dates.
  • Internship applications of university students with a mandatory internship requirement will be a preference in the evaluation.
  • Priority will be given to 3rd-year students enrolled in the 4-year program of the university, followed by 2nd-year students, and 2nd-year students enrolled in the 2-year program will be given priority after 1st-year students.
  • Students with a high overall academic average will be preferred in evaluations. However, the minimum requirement for the overall academic average for application is 2.25/4.00.
  • Copy of ID card/National ID card (to be attached to the internship application form)
  • Transcript showing the overall academic average (to be attached to the internship application form)
  • Mandatory internship certificate if mandatory (to be attached to the internship application form)
  • Residence certificate (to be submitted when coming for the internship)
  • Recently dated judicial record obtained from e-Government (to be submitted when coming for the internship)
  • A document from the family physician indicating no obstacle to doing an internship (to be submitted when coming for the internship)
  • If internship is mandatory, a document showing that insurance entry is made or will be made by the university (to be submitted when coming for the internship)
  • Lunch
  • Tea/coffee service
  • Lab coat for interns working in the laboratory (gloves and goggles if necessary)
  • Work accident insurance for students without a mandatory internship requirement
  • Basic training on TS EN ISO 17025 and occupational health and safety
  • Training on the use of test/analysis methods and related devices in our test/analysis scope for interns working in the laboratory
  • Documentation (preparation, storage, revision), office management, and communication skills training for interns in the administrative unit
Internship Application Form
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Internship Application Form
If necessary, after downloading the relevant document to your computer, you can fill it out and send it to  “Universite Mahallesi, Hastane Caddesi, Trabzon Teknokent Apartmani, No 19B/ 2104 Ortahisar/Trabzon”  address with a wet signature.